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NMT engineering services group specializes in application assistance and product development.
This highly collaborative team uses top of the line design software to create drawings and 3-D models, they do finite element analysis to determine stress tests and, they visually review designs by developing mock up samples made from Stereolithography.


CAD Download
NMT`s customers can securely download detailed hinge drawings into their design software.
Stress Analysis
NMT has the full range of stress testing capabilities. Normont performs Finite Element Analysis to determine stress, weakness, and functional limits. First articles are sent to an independent laboratory for cycle and load tests.
3-D Modelling
All NMT products have been designed using the latest 3-D modelling software, allowing products to be viewed from a 360º degree perspective.
Stereolithography is used as a design review option prior to the development of hard tooling. This process allows for the rapid manufacturing of prototypes, which leads to shortened design times.
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